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Camp Card front

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2019 Camp Card Timeline

January 31 Order Camp Cards online
February 13 Camp Card Kickoff West - CAP (Earn $.50 Bonus Commission!)
February 19 Camp Card Kickoff East - LDS Aurora (Earn $.50 Bonus Commission!)
February 20 Camp Card Sale Begins
May 6

Begin wrapping up sales and settling your unit's balance in Customer Service.

May 31 Last day for units to turn in money, unsold Cards, and prize sheets
June 3 Announcement of Top Sellers for Grand Prize

How To Register for Camp After the Sale

Please make sure you have turned in your Prize Form first.

Then, to make sure you have the right experience and speedy service, please contact one of the following people for customized assistance:

  • For Day Camp & STEM Camp registration, contact JoLynne Conrad at 720-266-2143.
  • For any other Denver Area Council Camp, contact Mary Ann Romero at 720-266-2111

End of Sale Process

  1. You can turn in money and unsold cards to one of three places: Customer Service in Hamilton Scout Headquarters, May Roundtable or contact your District Staff Advisor (see below).
  2. Bring the money you earned, unsold cards, and prize forms.
  3. May 31st is the last day to turn in everything at Hamilton Scout Headquarters.
  • ***Unit will lose $1 commission if unit fails to reconcile unit account by May 31st.***
  • Remember, units keep their commission on the front end. 100% of unsold cards must be collected and turned in with payment. Units are responsible for payment of sold cards and any unsold cards not returned.

2019 Youth Prizes

Prize Actual Cost Possible Commission Cards Sold to Earn Prize
Day Camp $100 $300 120
50% off Scouts BSA Summer Camp $200 $500 200
Magness Adventure Camp (1 Youth & 1 Adult) $264 $650 260
STEM Camp $265 $650 260
Camp Dietler $349 $1,000 400
EaglePoint Base Camp $349 $1,000 400
Tahosa Trek $379 $1,000 400
Camp Dobbins/Tahosa Alpine Adventure Trek $399 $1,000 400
Angel Fire $419 $1,000 400
Cub Scout Day Camp & PlayStation Console or iPad or Nintendo Switch $589 $2,000 800
Scouts BSA Camp & Playstation Console or iPad or Nintendo Switch $758 $2,500 1,000

Camp Card Display Boards

Display boards are a great way for your potential customers to see the coupons and fine print on the Camp Card. Order one today from the Denver Area Council and skip the trip to the printers by picking yours up at Kickoff or March Roundtable!

Display boards at $35 each. Dimensions: 36" x 24" with a 3/16" foam core.

Order Display Boards Here

2019 Camp Card Kickoff Event Links:

How the Camp Card Sale Works

  • The Camp Card is, in essence, a way for Scouts to fund their way to camp programs.
  • Each Camp Card sells for only $5.00 to the general public and has multiple food, entertainment, and service coupons that the customer can use until the end of the year.
  • When a unit sells Camp Cards, that unit can use the commission earned to send Scouts to camp or save the commission to support the unit's needs.
  • Your unit can earn up to $2.50 in commission per Camp Card sold.

How to Earn Commission

Your unit can earn commission in three ways:

  1. Attend the East or West Kickoff to earn $0.50 per Camp Card sold.
  2. Host a unit booth at the 2019 Scout Show for $1.00 per Camp Card sold.
  3. Settle your unit account and return all unsold cards for $1.00 per Camp Card sold.

The maximum commission your unit can earn is $2.50 per Camp Card sold, or 50% commission.

Camp Card Forms and Resources

Order Camp Cards

Order Here...